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SF359, known as the "heartbeat bill", was signed today by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. The law mandates that a heartbeat would be looked for in an ultrasound before an abortion would take place, and the abortion wouldn't take place if a heartbeat was detected. In other words, this is technically a 6 week abortion ban. Most women don't find out they are pregnant until around that time, and this law doesn't give any exceptions for rape victims, incest victims, or young girls who were impregnated (this can happen). Only medical emergencies are allowed after 6 weeks, and only in emergencies, not even mental health conditions or drug use are exceptions, and those two situations are not always the best situations to raising a child.

This law is unconstitutional, as the right to a safe, legal abortion is protected by the 14th amendment until viability, with the exception after that time being medical emergencies. With this law now passed, Iowa may soon become like it was before the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. Before abortion was legal, women would go to backalley clinics or induce miscarriage with cost hangers. The pre legalization era was a scary time, with thousands dying of complications of illegal abortion ever year (spoonuniversity.com) In a safe legal abortion, the risk of complications are less than 1 in 100,000.

Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy is awful, forcing a rape victim (especially if they're of a young age) is even worse. SF359 MUST be overturned. You CANNOT claim to be pro life if you only care about someone when they're in the womb. If you call yourself pro life yet you do not care if thousands of women die every year of illegal abortion, or about what happens to the fetuses when they are born, you are NOT pro life. You are pro birth, and you are simply stupid.

If you care about womens' health and their right to choose what goes on in their lives, please sign this petition. 

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