Child support/custody/legitimation should be equal

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Hello,I feel that everything changes with time, and with change in time laws should be changed accordingly while I definitely agree with the system of child support it saddens me of its misuse on a daily basis destroying men good hardworking dads that want to be apart of and involved in their children lives finically,physically,and emotionally child support should be in the best interest of the child not the mother it’s a one sided process that makes 0 sense women fight equality daily and win on the basis of being treated bias because of their gender well in this situation it’s the men who are losing and the children are neutralized to reach their full potential as well in with this petition I would not only wanna change the child support law for equality reasons but also take away the weapon that women feel they have over good men 

1.if a male parent is present at birth and the mother agrees he is the farther that man should be then given legitimacy and not have to go and pay to prove he is the day otherwise shouldn’t the mother have to do the same equality 

2.If parents are to part and both are capable of maintaining and providing a nourishing home for the child/children joint custody should be automatic 

3.Their should be implements in place to stop mothers from holding children from their biological farthers due to dislike or resentment it’s to many hurdles man have to jump to try and be a dad if their is no reason to see a dad unfit he should have every right a mother does and women should be held accountable for the actions of false swearing in any statement or child support matter it’s a very serious accusation that should be handled in the proper manner and not just awarded to the mother equa

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