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Ban Affirmative Action Policies in College Admission

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We have reached a point where racial equality is evidently seen in society. In colleges, we sit and communicate with all students, no matter their background. Therefore, we should not have laws that attract attention to different races. Affirmative action policies were created half a century ago in hope to provide equal opportunity to the minorities. Fortunately, they have made an impact and created a fair society, but recently, these policies have skewed the college admission process and have become unfair. Initially, they were meant to provide equal access to groups who have been historically underrepresented. In order to execute this now, colleges are accepting individuals that are part of minority groups as opposed to mass races despite lower standards (test scores, grade point average, etc). No one should get benefits or lose opportunities to enter high institutions because of their race, a factor that we cannot control. Everyone deserves equal opportunity. Many individuals argue that affirmative action policies are necessary to ensure a diverse community, but diversity doesn't have to refer to race, but rather other factors like interests. We don't need outdated polices in college admission anymore. The presence of the policies depict a segregated community that we have overcome. We all deserve to be seen as equal individuals and have equal opportunities but the existence of these policies are in our way. 


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