Apply non unanimous jury decision retroactively (Ramos) (unconstitutional)

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The United States Supreme Court determines that non unanimous jury’s are unconstitutional. Currently they are deciding on whether or not to run this decision retroactive (apply to people already effected by this law) 

Louisiana and Oregon were the only states left in the country to allow capital convictions with non unanimous jury verdicts. Until recently when Louisiana changed this law, and then the Ramos opinion made it unconstitutional. 

if it has been decided that it is unconstitutional, why wouldn’t it be applied to all cases.

The reason it was changed, is because there is a question of reasonable doubt if a single juror says the defendant is innocent. 

This is evident in the case of Jace Washington who was said to be innocent by THREE jurors in 2 trials. Poorly represented by an over worked St. Tammany parish public defenders office, Jace is completely innocent of the murder charge he received 25 years for. The evidence in his case is obvious and clearly points to innocence. 

At 19 years old jace was sentenced to 25 years. The original eyewitness testimony stated that there were 2 shooters, one around 5’ 8”, the other 5’10”. Both dark skinned, with no tattoos. 

Jace is 6’4”, light skinned with two full sleeves (tattoos) Jace had cell phone records and a purchase receipt in Mississippi at the time the murder was committed in Louisiana. 

The only evidence against Jace is the testimony of one of the murderers and since the trial BOTH of the murderers have written letters/affidavits saying that Jace had nothing to do with the murder and that he wasn’t even there. 

If the Ramos decision is run retroactive, Jace will have the opportunity to have a fair trial with adequate representation, just as so many others will as well. 




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