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ALL veterans have the right to medical marijuana treatment.

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The time for veterans to start receiving daily benefits earned while defending the country has come.  That benefit is the opportunity to treat physical and mental wounds with medical grade cannabis.  On average 660 men and women (active, reserve, and veteran) lose their personal battles and take their own life because the right treatment isn't available.

Today, our military is a volunteer force.  That means that these men and women knowingly and willingly enlisted to serve and defend their country.  They have paid their dues, and now it is time for the country to ensure the proper care is met for the thousands of surrering veterans.  At President Kennedy's inauguration he asked each American to reflect and ask not what the country could do for them, but rather what they could do for their country.  Veterans answered that call and have paying the bill of freedom.  

As more states vote to legalize medical grade cannabis for citizens with chronic or other debilitating illness/injuries, the one group consistently ignored and neglected above many others are our veterans.

Issues the veterans experience that often are left untreated, ignored, or do get treatment (via prescription medication) can lead to increased suicides or other horrific issues.  These issues include PTSD, insomnia, sleep apnea, chronic pain management, stress, depression, and many other conditions.

Many of the aforementioned conditions are being treated with prescriptions of narcotics that lead to more issues later in life.  Giving our veterans the option to use a natural remedy such as cannabis would allow for a more natural and responsible treatment of said issues.

It is proposed that veterans receive reduced requirement qualifications to become eligible to be a medical cannabis patient.  Under my proposition for a veteran to be eligible they must meet the following:

Receive a good conduct discharge from any of the recognized DoD armed forces.  Live in and process a valid state ID of a state that has medical cannabis available.  A history of injuries or conditions that are a result of their time on duty.

Signing this petition is your way of standing with and supporting the troops lucky enough to come home.  Let's make sure that they all receive the proper care and treatment they deserve for their physics and mental scars.

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