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Pay Professional Female Athletes the same as Professional Male Athletes.

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It is unfair that Females are competing at the same level as Men are in sports, but are still being paid way less. Mostly all professional Female Athletes in sports like Tennis and Soccer are seriously being paid such a small amount when being compared to what the Males are receiving in pay. 

This issue can be very discouraging to young Female athletes of today's world by making them feel that they will never be at the same level as Males when it comes to being successful in sports and receiving a fair salary for their hard work. All young athletes including Females put in so much of their blood, sweat and tears into training and being good enough to become a professional athlete. However, it is very unfortunate that once they make it to the pro level, they aren't even being paid fairly because they are a Girl. 

It is truthfully disappointing how much women are being sold short when it comes to being paid in the most popular sports. In Tennis, Roger Federer won first place in the singles title and was paid $731,000 dollars. However, Serena Williams also won first place in the singles title and was only paid $495,000 dollars. Both Winners played in the Western & Southern Open, and played for the same title but in different gender categories; one would think they would be paid the same. Apparently both genders won first place but one gender was cut short. 

Women are also being cut short when it comes to their salary also in Soccer. The United States Women's National Team also filed a complaint that they weren't being paid enough, and of course the men were. After being ranked the most successful in international women's soccer, winning three Women's World Cup titles (including the first ever Women's World Cup in 1991), four Olympic women's gold medals, seven CONCACAF Gold Cup wins, and ten Algarve Cups, the US Men's Team players are still being paid more than the USWNT after not even winning one World Cup.

Imagine that you have been working towards reaching your dream every day and all day, but once you finally reach it, you are being cut short and being treated unequally than the others just because of your gender. "You're a girl." "You are not good enough" "You are undeserving" "Men always get more" This mentality needs to change and we need to make a difference right now!

I am calling out to any athletes (especially females) to help make a difference by publicizing this petition and sharing it on Social Media to exploit the Athletics Foundation's all across the World to equalize the pay gap between Gender and Sports. 

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