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Dr. Chester A. Gipson: Protect family dogs from being killed by police

Pets are family members and it is just as painful for our companions to be shot or killed whether they are human or animal.

Letter to
APHIS Dr. Chester A. Gipson
To whom it may concern
Lately there has been an increasingly frequent occurrence of Police officers who have been shooting and killing beloved family cherished pets. This is unacceptable and it is abuse of power and authority.
In these encounters with dogs, police often react in fear and their fear is lethal, leaving a trail of grieving guardians as they shoot and kill family companions. These officers deny their error in judgment and often maintain their innocence reporting that their lives were threatened and yet eye witness accounts and even video, prove no threat existed. If an officer is capable of shooting a dog without cause and then lies about it, that officer is a threat to our society and needs to be held accountable.
In story after story Police have shot dogs without reason. These dogs were contained on leashes, catchpoles or backyards and garages. It seems that for these officers, the destruction of a dog is a quick solution. One officer said, "the dog was in the way", after an owner asked him why he shot his dog.
It is getting to the point where individuals will think twice before calling 911 for fear a police visit could be a death sentence for our dogs.
Officers are responsible for the safety of all in the community, even our pets. They must learn to deal with these situations without gunning down a family member at will.
In order to deal with violence in America it has to begin with law enforcement.
We are asking for intensive training for each and every police officer who is called to patrol the streets of our cities and towns in America.
We are asking that only Tasers or mace be used when there actually is an aggressive dog present. Officers must learn what the body language of a dog means.
We are asking that video be taken of these encounters. This will be the dog’s voice.
In Texas training courses are being implemented so that the unnecessary death of family pets is stopped. This is a good step toward resolving the issue. We need police officers across America to be given the opportunity to be better at their jobs in these changing times.
Here are stories of unnecessary police shootings.

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