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Keep Texas Homeschools Free

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Texans for Homeschool Freedom is a grassroots community of parents concerned with a soft takeover of home education through ESAs and School Choice legislation.

Under current Texas Education Code, homeschoolers operate as private schools, and are not required to report, test, or otherwise follow a set of regulations or standards. This freedom we enjoy allows us to create tailored education plans for our children based on our income, our family dynamics, and the individual needs of our children. We need not adhere to a public school time frame for grade levels or achievements. We research and purchase from a wide variety of homeschool curriculum vendors, many of whom are not Common Core-aligned. Our children have the flexibility to learn at the pace that suits them. 

Popular "School Choice" legislation proposals will change that. When money from the state or federal government "follows the child," so will standardized regulations. Flexibility and tailored learning programs will disappear when homeschool parents are forced to meet the regulations set by the funding agency.

Further, the dangerous data collection that now exists in all public programs is of great concern to us. We have opted out of the public education system, which includes protecting the privacy of our children's social and emotional data. If homeschools are part of any future ESA or school choice program that provides funds for education, our children will be added to this dangerous data mining system. We oppose this in every form.

We believe that all school choice and ESA proposals create regulation for Texas homeschoolers that does not currently exist under Texas Education Code and the Leeper court decision of 1994. The freedom that veteran Texas homeschoolers have enjoyed for over 20 years is unique in America, and cannot be compared to any other state. It was fought for by homeschooling parents and has been fiercely protected by homeschooling parents. 

Senator Cruz, we continue to fight for and protect this freedom by asking you to examine all upcoming legislation that would purport to offer "assistance" to homeschoolers through state or federal funds, and further ask you to leave Texas homeschoolers out of this federally-funded "choice."


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