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Legislation aimed at banning surgery for certain conditions threatens the health and well-being of children and MUST BE STOPPED! These bills dismiss the psychological effects of withholding surgery in medical conditions such as CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia) and hypospadias and remove a parent’s right to make medical decisions for their child following informed discussions regarding risks and benefits with medical experts. Denying early surgical access to children born with CAH, hypospadias and other medical disorders has the potential to create negative outcomes, both physically and psychosocially, and does not support the reality that each child and their anatomy are different and should be viewed individually.  

Additionally, CAH is a unique, life-threatening, endocrine condition and we believe that it should be looked at as such, not under an umbrella of other, unrelated conditions that result in genital atypia. 

Therefore, we oppose any legislation that dismisses the psychological effects of CAH, hypospadias and other disorders that are equally as important as physical health. Your signature today will help protect the rights of patients to access medical treatments that will help them lead healthy and happy lives and will protect the rights of parents to make informed medical decisions for their children.