Take Andrew Jackson off the $20 Bill


Take Andrew Jackson off the $20 Bill

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Andrew Jackson, the 7th president, also know as the Father of Genocide. Here's some facts you may have not learned in history class:

-when he forcibly removed Native Americans and put the Choctaw tribe on the Trail of Tears. 17,000 Choctaws were forcibly removed, only 11,000 made it to their next destination

-He was a slave owner. He ripped out his slave's teeth to make his own dentures. 

-In 1836, the The Muscogee tribe were forcibly removed from Georgia to Indian Territory. 15,000 The Muscogees were forced marched from their lands. 3,500 did not survive the trip to Oklahoma

-Over 51,000 Native human beings were torn from their homes and over 15,500 perished.

-By the time of his death, Jackson owned 161 slaves. Jackson was a slave trader, “engaging in the domestic slave trade that stretched, in his case, from Virginia through Tennessee to New Orleans during the 1790s and beyond.”And when one of Jackson’s slaves escaped his property, “Jackson offered a $50 reward ‘and $10 extra for every 100 lashes a person will give to the amount of 300.’”

-He used the veto twelve times in his two terms in office. In 1832, he used a veto to stop the rechartering of the Second Bank of the United States.

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This petition made change with 7 supporters!

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