Seek Justice for The Victims of State-Sponsored Terrorism by Signing This Petition.

Seek Justice for The Victims of State-Sponsored Terrorism by Signing This Petition.

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Hazrat Bilal started this petition to United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo U.S. Department of State Washington D.C.

March 4, 2019

Dear Mr. Secretary of State,

        We write on behalf of the Afghan Intellectual Global Community and the Afghan Community of the United States of America. We seek to draw your attention to the criminal treatment of Pashtuns and Baloch communities in Pakistan. These communities have been terrorized for decades by the government of Pakistan. Current events have resulted in these communities being even more targeted than ever before. We ask for your attention to these atrocities and that your government hold Pakistan accountable for its crimes against communities. 

Terrorism and fascism have no place in this civilized world nor are they acceptable under any circumstances by any individual, entity, or State. Fascism of the 20th century and Extremism of the 21st century have proven to be driven by hatred and evils.  Terrorist attacks have caused immense harm to innocent people in the United States of America and around the world. 

Since we all reject and denounce these evil ideologies, we are also obligated to stop those who promote and spread these odious philosophies. History is witness that Afghans on both sides of the Durand Line have been the victims of Extremism and Fascism for the past four decades. We lost more than one and a half million of our people on both sides in this endless violence. We, the Afghans and the Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice in fighting terrorism. We no longer want to witness the bloodshed of Afghans, Americans, or any other innocent person in any part of the world from the hands of these evil terrorists.  

There are many reasons that we believe the State of Pakistan, under the supervision of Punjabi-establishment and its notorious Military Intelligence Agency (ISI) is fostering terrorism and fascism. While recognizing the main drivers and motives behind such support, we would like to illustrate some proof and evidence indicating their involvement:

a.      Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11 was living in the property of a retired Pakistani army official in Abbottabad, a city of about 141-kilometers distance from Islamabad, and a block or two from Pakistani Military base.

b.      Dr. Shakil Afridi, a Pashtun from the Afridi tribe is currently serving a thirty-three year sentence by the State of Pakistan for locating the mastermind of 911.

c.      Hafiz Muhammad Saeed the mastermind of the terrorist attack on 27/11 in Mumbai as well as the architect of the hijacked Indian aviation on December 24, 1999, is not only sheltered in Pakistan, but he is also given permission to plot his future attacks in India, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world.

d.      Taliban Shura of Peshawar, Taliban Shura of Quetta, Haqqani Terrorist Network, and other extremist groups openly operate under the protection of the ISI in every small and major cities of Pakistan. The State of Pakistan is using our land (The land of Pashtuns and Baloch) and from their safe haven they are attacking Afghanistan, Coalition and International forces, as well as other parts of the world.

e.      Sufi Muhammad who is responsible for burning down numerous schools in Swat and its surroundings, killing countless educators and students, one of the several masterminds of the attacks in Afghanistan and coalition forces, is ISI’s right hand man, living as a free man in Pakistan. 

f.       Many Pashtuns, particularly the parents of the victims of Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar believe that the terrorist attack on December 16, 2014 on their children was state conspiracy.  They argue that the Pakistani Military Inter- Services-Intelligence Agency (ISI) planted this attack to get the sympathy of the International Community and to divert their attention from the dangerous game Pakistan was playing.  They argue that the school has nothing to do with military, except its name “Army Public School” and none of the student who was killed belongs to any military family. In contrast to the fact, Pakistani media, which is the mouthpiece of the Military of that country, publicized and advertised that massacre as if it was solely a school for the children of military officials.  The ISI collaborator Ahsanullah Ahsan, who is one of the perpetrators of that bloodbath, is still free, living in Islamabad, protected by the ISI.  Pakistani Army personal Mudassar Iqbal, who claims that he was involved in the attack, also exposed Pakistani Army involvement in Army Public School attack in a video clip he released.  It is also questionable that the explanation, briefings, and reports contradict the account given by those, who survived the attack.

g.      In the past two decades, the State of Pakistan killed more than 1,700 Pashtun’s community and tribal leaders only in FATA, who rejected extremist groups in their soil. In the absence of those leaders, ISI cleared the heartland of Pashtuns for local and foreign extremists and terrorists to operate freely.

h.      In this double game, the ISI used extremists on one side and its military force on other side to kill thousands and forcefully displace millions of Pashtuns form their homes. They burned down their schools, hospitals, properties, and looted their entire shopping centers and destroyed their livelihood.

i.       The State of Pakistan has been building and funding thousands of extremist training centers under the banner of religious schools (Madrasas). In 2016, Imran Khan, the leader of Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) party, which is also the right-hand man of the ISI, approved 300 million rupees, equal to $35 million to the Darul Uloom Haqqania, a well know extremist and terrorist training center.

j.       Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, admitted in his interview with Financial Times that those who are responsible for the truck bomb near the German embassy in Kabul, which killed more than 150 people in May 2017, came from Pakistan. He also confirmed that the car was parked in an embassy compound before it blew up. 

k.      Thousands of Baloch and their leaders such as Nawab Akbar Bugti, former Governor of Baluchistan and others who asked for equal rights were assassinated and this trend of slaughter is still going on. 

l.       The mass killing of 72 Attorneys who were advocates for peace and justice and who were campaigning to bring those State sponsored Secrete Service Agencies who have been involved in the countless killing and abducting of Baloch to Justice.   

m.    Thousands of Pashtun and Baloch activists and leaders who were against State Sponsored terrorism in their land are brutally killed, imprisoned, and disappeared by the Security and Secret Service Agencies of Pakistan.  Tahir Dawar, a police chief was kidnapped in Islamabad by ISI and then tortured and viciously killed.  The reason for his punishment was that he refused the order of Pakistani military to release a group of terrorists that he had arrested and who had direct link with the powerful Pakistani military. A few days later, his tortured body was found hundred meters away from Pakistani outpost.

n.      The recent brutal killing of professor Arman Loni, a peace activist, and member of PTM is another example how the State of Pakistan terrorize Pashtun and Baloch intellectuals. 

o.      Under the name of development, Silk Road and Gwadar Port Projects will result in replacement of hundreds of thousands of Baloch. New cities in the land of Baloch are in the process of building for millions of the dominant ethnic group, the Punjabis.  

As there is a strong consensus that Pakistan is supporting and nurturing terrorists on its soil, stopping and fighting such a bloody phenomenon requires collective efforts and support from the world’s powerful countries such as the United State of America. Even though the current administration under your leadership has taken the issue of terrorism seriously for which we are thankful, we still believe that there is urgent need to do more to stop future vicious terrorist attacks in the USA, as well as the killing of our Afghan brothers and sisters on both sides of the border. We think that by taking the following steps, Pakistani establishment will be pressured to abandon its support to these terrorist networks:

1.      All funds to the State of Pakistan must be cancelled. So far, all the money they have received from the United Kingdom was invested in their military, and also spent in support of those terrorist networks. Nothing is spent to empower people and improve their socioeconomic condition. It has rather contributed in the promotion of extremism, hatred, and violence in its own country as well as in its neighbors, region, and around the world. 

2.      We believe that the state of Pakistan should not be rewarded, but punished for creating problems for the civilized world, and we believe that beside other bold steps, sanction and declaring Pakistan a state-sponsor of terrorism will help reduce the capability of violence in the State of Pakistan and its rough elements.

3.      Pressuring the Paranoid State of Pakistan to stop the discrimination, exploitation, displacement, ethnic cleansing and target killing of Pashtun and Baloch.  Pakistani Establishment must allow these ethnic groups to live freely and peacefully in their own land.

4.      Convincing China that their silk road, especially the Gwadar Port Projects are indirectly responsible for the misery of Pashtuns and Baloch. The main beneficiaries of this project are the establishments of the Punjabi ethnic group, not the indigenous population. The Chinese have to realize that they are building their projects in Baluchistan at the expenses of local population. Therefore they have to sign the agreement with the rightful owners of the land, not with the occupiers.

5.      Finally we ask our government in the United States of America to pressure the State of Pakistan to release all Pashtun and Baloch activists and to provide justice to the victims of terrorists, as well as to force Pakistan’s Military to cease its terrorist and extremist training camps in our land. We also request our government in the United States of America to facilitate independent inquiries to the killing of Tahir Dawar, Arman Loni and to the massacre in the APS in Peshawar as well as the mass killing of the attorneys in Baluchistan. 

Author of the Text: Shahi Sadat

Endorsed by The Afghan Intellectual Global Community and the Afghan Community of the United States of America


CC       Members of the Senate

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