Help Increase Holocaust Awareness

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A recent study done by the Claims Conference shows a shockingly low level of Holocaust awareness among Americans, particularly young Americans. Among the most distressing findings:

11% of adults, and 22% of Millennials (defined as those between the age of 18 and 34), haven't heard or aren't sure if they've heard of the Holocaust.

45% of adults, and 49% of millennials, could not name a concentration camp.

41% of adults, and 66% of millennials, could not correctly identify Auschwitz as a concentration camp.

The Holocaust is often associated with Jews, however it is estimated that between 15 to 20 million people total were imprisoned or killed in the sites that have been identified to date. That means not just 6 million Jews were killed, but another 9 to 14 million other individuals throughout Eastern Europe. The fact that a large number of Americans are not educated on even the most basic facts of the largest mass genocide in history is unsettling to many. I believe that the most effective way of raising awareness to the facts of the Holocaust is by ensuring that the topic becomes a unit in the core curriculum of young Americans going through the American school system. Even teaching just the basic facts of this huge event in history will increase awareness greatly among the future generations of Americans. Furthermore, in addition to all the distressing findings of the study, 93% of the people surveyed said all students should learn about the Holocaust in school. 

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