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Do not allow Israeli soldiers to speak at public schools.

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The IDF is sending soldiers in America to speak to schools, not only are their soldiers incredibly biased, but they leave the students they are speaking to with a hatred for Palestinians. As you know, Palestine has been oppressed by Israel for many years. Including recently, when the UN called Israel out on the fact that they were cutting off the Palestinians' water supply. Israel is notorious for breaking many UN regulations.

Publish schools should NOT be allowing Israeli soldiers to come talk to students. Especially because one came to my cousin's school, and she was left having to listen to her classmates tell her "I hate all palestinians now" and "palestinians are terrorists" the Israeli soldiers come give biased, hateful views and brainwash the American students. This should not be allowed unless a soldier from the opposing perspective is also allowed to come speak. The education system is here to enlighten and teach students, not brainwash them and expose them to lies.

Please sign this petition and stop the spread of Palestinian and Arab discrimination. Israeli soldiers and any other soldiers but American should not be allowed to speak at public schools. Especially without letting parents know their children are being exposed to such speakers.

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