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Introduce an Elected Official Accountability Act for vote in Congress.


The Government has lost the faith of the American People.  Our representatives accept money from massive corporations in return for political favor and ignore the sworn duties of their office to play games and attempt to amass more power.  Our leaders consistently disregard the will of their constituents if that will conflicts with the personal gains and ambitions of the leader in question.   We no longer have leaders in Washington D.C., we have rulers.  Nothing highlights this situation better than the fact that our government is in a state of shutdown and bordering on the default of our staggering National Debt.  Whereas the English people enacted the Magna Carta in the year 1215 to restrict the tyranny of their king, the American People need an Elected Official Accountability Act to reign in the corruption of our ruling Political Class.

As our Government stands there is little consequence to poor performance in Washington D.C.  Unless caught actually committing a crime, the only penalty to unfaithful execution of office is failing to be reelected.  Many members of congress are independently wealthy to start with and simply move back into the private sector if not reelected and cash in on the favors secured during their time in office, or bring in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, touring the country making paid appearances or giving lectures.  Few, if any, of our so-called leaders have any incentive to put the good of the country before their own good.  A punitive Act would solve this problem by tying the state of affairs in government to the personal financial wellbeing of our leaders in Washington.

An Elected Official Accountability Act would motivate the Office of the President of the United States as well as Congress to focus on the job they were elected to do by enforcing strict and harsh penalties for failing to do so.  First, this act would require anyone elected to the office of President, Vice President, Senate, or House of Representatives to immediately make any and all of their personal financial assets open and available for public review.  All of their income and financial transactions would become a matter of public record.  As these individuals are responsible for making and enforcing law that relate to how taxes are set and collected the American People have a right to know where their representatives’ money is coming from and going.  In the same logic used to defend the Patriot Act and the NSA’s activities, if they aren’t doing anything wrong they should have nothing to hide.  Failure of an elected official to comply with this act should be treated as an Act of Treason.  Second, the Act would set a date of January 31st, 2014 for the creation and enacting of a balanced Federal Budget.  After this deadline if the President and members of Congress cannot meet this requirement 100% of their personal assets should be frozen and unavailable to them until such time that a balanced budget in created and put into effect.  No longer should our leaders sit back comfortably in their homes and offices collecting their salaries and other income while federal employees are furloughed because their representatives would rather make power plays than protect the good of the nation.  If a citizen doesn’t pay their utility bills those utilities are cut off until they are paid for.  If a business doesn’t pay for their business license they are unable to do business until they do so.  There need to be consequences in Washington as well.   It is well past time for there to be a law that requires the leaders of our nation to put the good of the nation ahead of their own desires for power.   Please draft an Act based on these guidelines and publically put it before Congress so the eyes of the nation can see where our leaders’ priorities lie.    

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