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Reduce the Area that is Considered "Hyattsville" by the USPS

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Dear Senators Mikulski and Cardin and the USPS,

Earlier this year, our Mayor and City Council sent you a letter that read:

"The City of Hyattsville requests your assistance reducing the geographical area that is considered "Hyattsville" by the United States Postal Service.

As you are aware, the Hyattsville postal code is far larger than our incorporated municipality. While this may seem innocuous, it causes great frustration among residents and non-residents and confusion among news media. Below are two examples of how the current situation is problematic.

When crime occurs within the postal code, many media report it as occurring in Hyattsville, regardless of the many times we have corrected local outlets. The outcome is that our City's reputation and property values suffer, and our residents become exasperated. 

Additionally, when residents of the greater area seek government services- for example, snow plowing during and after the recent blizzard- they often write and call us with requests. When we explain that they do not live within our jurisdiction, the result is often further vexation with government bureaucracy failing to be clear and meet the public's needs.

We are and will continue to be excellent partners with our neighboring cities and towns in Prince George's County. However, we need your help to remove what have become barriers to optimal governance for the constituents across our region and economic growth in the City of Hyattsville. 

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. It is greatly appreciated."

We hereby join our voices to those of our Mayor and City Council and ask that you help us by working together to identify a solution to our concerns.


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