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United States Postal Service: New live animal handling policy for employees

My wife and I run a small business that sells baby chicks for urban farming purposes. Recently the Chick shipments came in on Saturday evening but we were not notified by the sorting facility. They simply shipped the chicks to the main post office 4 miles away knowing that this would mean that they would not be picked up until Monday. This has led to the chicks being left in the facility for an extra day since it is now Sunday. These little birds do not maintain their own temperature and have little to no food. It is why they are shipped priority and with many other birds to help maintain their heat. We were told the first time this happened by the sorting facility employee on duty that since the shipping facility is not in our zipcode it is not their problem despite the package being clearly labeled as live animals with very loud chicks inside and a contact number on the package. Now it has happened again and these birds sit in the facility possibly dying while we have heat lamps and food waiting for them here. We could have easily picked them up on Saturday but were not told that they had arrived. It seems that there is no policy directing the employees that they should not purposely let live animals sit in a facility for an extra day when it is not necessary. I wonder how many other animals that are shipped have to face this and how many owners have lost their pets due to this. I the asking the US Postal Service to either create or clearly state and enforce their policy on their employees handling of live animals to prevent avoidable death of these creatures. 

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