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My dog is NOT dangerous!!!

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***Video is of my five year old commanding my dog to sit without verbal ques****

   On 1/28/2017 my 15 year old son was letting my dog out our side door to go to the bathroom, the letter carrier was on the sidewalk next door and my dog ran up to him and barked. My son called my dog's name (as he was right behind him) and my dog stopped moving but barked again. The letter carrier began backing up and tripped and fell. He screamed and cussed at my son and said my dog bit him, my son said "No, he didn't even get close to you" the man screamed some more and my son was upset and brought our dog back into our house and told my husband and myself what happened. My husband opened the front to walk out and talk to the man, who continually cussed at my husband. We have NOT received our mail since and have not received any notice from the United States Postal Service. My husband went to the local office to speak with the manager, who was rude and said we HAVE to EITHER purchase a P.O. Box or have our mail forwarded by 2/10/2017 or they WILL return our mail to the sender! They have NOT tried to work with us at ALL!! I made an complaint through the USPS website and received this e-mail from Stephen, supervisor Customer Service West Toledo Post office:

Dear Victoria,

 Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I regret learning of the inconvenience you have experienced.

 Unfortunately due to the nature of the incident which incurred the injury of a Letter Carrier on your property involving your dog, we are unable to continue delivery to your residence. If you have any further questions in regards to this matter, please feel free to contact me at 419-476-7305.

 Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you.  



Supervisor Customer Service

West Toledo Post Office

 I have since responded and am awaiting a response. 

The next concern is that Lucas County Canine Care and Control has an issued a ticket labeling my dog as DANGEROUS. We have a court date of 2/21/2017. I am not sure what will come of this, nor am I sure what this label entails. 

I am asking anyone who has meet my dog to state their opinion of him!

Thank you!! 



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