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Revoking of Bowl Cozy Patent # D799,278

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This petition is to challenge the Bowl Cozy Patent #D799,278 by Christina Roberts filed in March 30, 2016.

Ms. Roberts filed a patent for and item she clearly did not invent as this pattern and video tutorials dated from several years prior to her patent file date proves so. Patents are for items that you invent yourself, not for something that you learned how to do from a pattern or tutorial and then try to pass off as something you came up with on your own.

Attached is proof that this pattern as been around for several years prior to her filing said patent.
Video Proof:

Date of Video: Feb 24, 2012
Date of Video: Jun 12, 2013
Date of Video: Dec 27, 2013
Date of Video: Jan 4, 2014
Date of Video: Feb 13, 2014
Date of Video: Oct 12, 2015

The video below shows that Campbell's Soup even has a version of the cozy.

Here are a few blogs dated several years ago showing step by step instructions.

Blog Dated Nov 20, 2013:
Blog Date May 4 , 2012:
Blog Date Oct 13, 2015:
Blog Date Jan 8, 2014:
Blog Date: Nov 26, 2015:

This shows people purchasing directions as far back as 2014:

This item is also being sold by several other people on Etsy and Amazon. They can be found all over Pintrest. This shows that other people have been making these without ever having met the above individual.

This lady is threatening other crafters regarding these cozies, but it is clear from the evidence above that she did not, in fact, invent this pattern. Therefore, we need to get her patent revoked.

Please sign the petition and pass it on to all that you know.

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