Deny Parole For Cop Killer Mutulu Shakur

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In Regard: Parole of Mutulu Shakur, Federal registration#83205-012
Dear Chairman Smoot,

I am writing to request that parole be denied in regard to the upcoming parole hearing for Mutulu Shakur, aka Jeral Wayne Williams, Federal registration #83205-012, currently held at Victorville, USP.

Mutulu Shakur was convicted in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York in connection with the murders of two Nyack, NY, Police Officers, Sergeant Edward J. O’Grady, Jr. and Police Officer Waverly Brown and a Brinks Guard, Peter Paige.

Mutulu Shakur and a group of co-conspirators first murdered Peter Paige during the October 20, 1981, robbery of a Brinks Armored Car in Rockland County, NY. Then, while fleeing the scene of that robbery, they murdered Sergeant O’Grady and Officer Brown when the officers stopped their getaway vehicle containing $1.6 million in proceeds.

Mutulu Shakur was already a veteran of several armored car and bank robberies committed in the Bronx, NY, Mt. Vernon, NY, and Paramus, NJ, prior to the incident listed above. Mutulu Shakur and his co-conspirators were armed with shotguns, assault rifles and handguns during these robberies, with the intent to kill anyone that might prevent them from carrying out their vicious and violent attacks.

Those actions must have consequences. Mutulu Shakur was sentenced by Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr. to 60 years in federal prison, with the recommendation that he not be paroled.

I ask the Parole Commission to respect that sentence, which was rendered by a Judge, who was in the best position to evaluate all of the facts in this case, and deny Mutulu Shakur’s application for parole.


Clarke Osborn