Support Employment CHOICE for People with Disabilities

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The Special Minimum Wage Provision Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a vital tool that allows individuals with significant disabilities to work in an environment where they are compensated commensurate with their productivity, have friendships, support and purposeful activity. Hundreds of thousands of people with significant disabilities benefit from these work opportunities throughout the United States. The United States Civil Rights Commission recently held a hearing on the Section 14c law. Unfortunately, they only heard from individuals who were predominantly opposed to the law and did not schedule any testimony from those directly affected, specifically those working at Community Rehabilitation Programs and their family members who support them.
It Section 14c were to be eliminated from the FLSA, individuals with the most significant disabilities will lose their work opportunities and will be subject to staying at home, eventually succumbing to the desolation that can result from being inactive and unemployed. Everyone has a right to work. Support this right for our most vulnerable citizens!