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refuse to support any candidate who accepts NRA contributions

It is abundantly clear that America's gun control laws need reform--reforms like background checks for gun owners, restrictions on assault weapons, or limitations on clip or magazine capacity. It is also abundantly clear that the NRA leadership will never allow reforms to happen. The problem is not 2nd Amendment rights or NRA members, most of whom support reforms like these. Since NRA leaders, not the members at large, determine which candidates get the NRA's financial contributions, and since gun control reforms are in the hands of our legislators, America needs legislative candidates who come to this issue with an open mind--not candidates who are already under the influence of NRA leadership. Grover Norquist's anti-tax increase pledge worked very well for elected officials who opposed tax increases at all costs; it is time for an American voters' pledge to support only those candidates who come to the issue of gun control with an open mind.

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