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Stop the wholesale slaughter of innocent persons

We've tried gun bans for 10 years. The truth is, it had no impact on gun violence. It would be a travesty of justice if Senator Feinstein's proposal goes into effect because it will not stop crime. I'm petitioning congress for the establishment of a multi faceted plan that 1. takes illegal guns off the streets, 2. does not infringe on the rights of lawful gun owners in this country, 3. establishes the sharing of mental health information during the background check process of buying a weapon, 4. Allows for security to be stepped up in the nation's schools, up to and including armed guards in and around school campuses
As a concerned citizen I'm worried that any attempt to disarm American gun owners will result in more deaths because gun bans do not work. We must come up with a solution that saves lives instead of infringing on people's right to keep and bear arms as provided by the Constitution of the United States

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