Stop funding the repressive apparatus of the dictator of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko

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We call upon the governments of all states and organizations that make available funds for scientific research and technological development in the Republic of Belarus to perform a thorough audit of all financial reporting regarding the distribution, allocation according to the specific aims of awarded funds, and good stewarding of these funds. We believe that at least part of these funds are re-directed through various schemes either to the personal accounts of the members of the Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus, or to the state repressive apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Services, which has openly engaged in numerous acts of violence, persecution, and repression against the citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

These funds comprise both grants allocated in the context of international collaboration frameworks as well as funds allocated directly for purposes of research and development of various scientific projects in Belarus. These funds are exclusively managed by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus which is directly subordinated to the president of the Republic of Belarus.

Our concerns relate directly to the fact that both the United States of America and the European Union have declared that the 2020 Belarusian presidential election was not free, fair, and honest and the unprecedented events that followed in the aftermath of this election.

Belarus has been gripped by mass peaceful protests against electoral fraud since the August 9th election. The people of Belarus have peacefully protested in weekly massive demonstrations, and daily strikes, marches, rallies and solidarity actions in the capital city of Minsk, as well as in all regions, cities and villages of the country.

The government of the Republic of Belarus has responded with unprecedented violence against the peaceful protesters exercising their right to freedom of speech and freedom to protest, which are fundamental human rights, including guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

The peaceful protesters however have been victims to an extreme violence that comes at the hand of the Internal Services of the Republic of Belarus.

It is our fair concern to believe that any external funding that ends up financing the Internal Services of the Republic of Belarus either directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, are financing the abuse of power and aggression of the Belarusian Internal Services against the peaceful Belarusian citizens.

“The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus organizes and coordinates basic and applied scientific research carried out by all subjects of scientific activity, conducts basic and applied scientific research and development in the most important areas of natural, technical, humanitarian, social sciences and arts in order to obtain new knowledge about man, society, nature and artificially created objects to increase the scientific, technical, intellectual and spiritual potential of the Republic of Belarus” (

We note that this institution is directly subordinated to the former, currently illegitimate and unrecognized president of Belarus, A. Lukashenko. All financial activities are directly controlled by the Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. There is no fair and transparent financial reporting on the use of funds received for international scientific projects or grants awarded for local and statewide research and development of science and scientific research. 

We believe it to be our responsibility to stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters who are fighting for their right to a free and fair election. We are strongly convinced that we should not allow for frauds to be committed with the funds oriented towards the sustainable development of our societies. In the eventuality that irregularities should be registered, it is our duty and our duty to act upon them and not allow further abusive misuse by institutions that are part of a regime responsible for serious human rights’ infringements.