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No By Standing! Honorable James Webb rescind your opinion in "Women Can’t Fight!"

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Recently, the Chief of Naval Operations called upon his leadership to solve a problem haunting female members of our Navy team. There has been a personal message (P4) sent and much discussion. All of which is good; however, no clear pathways leading to resolution have been revealed. Despite our many efforts our Marines & Sailors continue behaviors – post explicit photos, threaten violence, engage in criminal activity – that undermine fellow Marines & Sailors. The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) has challenged us to stand by no longer.

Knowing the Navy has made little progress incombating its culture toward female members and the charge the CNO has given makes it very short sighted that this Friday, the Honorable James H. Webb will be recognized as a 2017 Naval Academy Distinguished Graduate. He authored a horrific opinion about females at the Academies and in combat in 1979. His opinions have been disproved by scientific research and the many successes heralded by females at the Academies and graduates in combat. Had he repudiated his opinion in "Women Can’t Fight" and apologized sooner for the negative effects his espoused attitude continues to have on our Sailors and Marines to this very day, his nomination would not be an issue. He hasn't. THIS IS NOT OKAY! We will not stand by and let this be overlooked. Sailors and citizens demand the Naval Academy Alumni recognize the battle female Sailors wage against misogynist attitudes and behavior degrading to good order and discipline. We demand the Board of Trustees and the USNAAA Foundation discontinue being a bystander on this issue. We demand this opportunity be used by James Webb to stand up, rescind his article and tell the nation hostile attitudes towards women in the service of arms - or at all - is not okay! Only then should he be bestowed the title of "Distinguished."


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