Transgender people have a right to serve in our military.

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Transgender people have every right to serve in our military here in the United States. They go through the same procedure as everybody else... The recruitment process followed by boot camp, school, and then active duty at their designated station. Transgender people join with the same intentions as anybody else - to carry out their role in protecting the people of the United States.

Shortly before President Trump was in office, the ban against the service of transgender people in the military was lifted. Now that he has taken office and him being the top tier of the military, he has decided to reapply this ban. 

These strong people already go through so much mentally and receive a lot of criticism. The ones that decided their calling in life is serving have every right to do so as long as they qualify under the same expectations as other people planning on serving. To tell them that they are not ALLOWED to join the military because of a personal choice to better their own life is corrupt, arrogant, and inconsiderate to say the least. 

As someone who has the intentions of joining the military, l have no problem or discomfort with ANYBODY serving with me.

So please, make yourself heard for these people and stand up against President Trump and his crooked ban. Let the people SERVE!!


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