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Stop infringing on the 2nd Amendment. No new legislation

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This the the official notice to the Republican party, The NRA and President Trump that we the people will not stand for any new legislation on the 2ed Amendment. We stand united in the demand that our freedoms are not infringed upon for political gains, and wish to serve notice to our legislators that we will not tolerate any subversion of the god given rights to defend ourselves. We vow to fight this reactionary legislation, and any attempt to infringe upon the Second Amendment we hold dear. We elected you to fight the liberal agenda, and protect our rights as citizens. If you fail to deliver upon the promises you made, then we will fail to deliver our time, energy and votes to your re-election campaigns and actively support new candidates who will. This is notice for those of you up for re-election in 2017 and 2018, that your support for the "Bump Stock, Trigger enhancement" bills will decide your political fate. You have proven to us that you are weak willed, gutless and in-effective by failing to deliver the Trump Administration agenda, and we have chosen this metaphorical hill to die on. It's time to do what we elected you to do or get the hell out of the way so someone with courage and conviction can. -We The People.

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