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Establish National "B Corporation" Status with provisional Tax Exemption

Businesses that wish to serve Public Benefit Interests are frequently challenged in raising "Start-Up Capital." By allowing provisional Tax Exempt Status to Business Start-Ups who are willing to meet a minimum set of "Public Service Criteria," this would allow a Low-Income and other traditionally disadvantaged Entrepreneurs access to Donations which could be used in Capitalization of Ethical, Green, Community, Democratic, Cooperative, and other Public Benefit oriented Business Ventures. As it stands now, parties without direct access to large personal cash resources, extensive business connections, or similar governmental connections, are greatly disadvantaged in beginning Public Benefit Business Ventures which are often born from "Real Time Life Experiences" that frequently best reflect the most urgent and pressing needs of otherwise marginalized and ignored communities. Such a change to the Tax Code would help to "even the playing field," and provide direct access to economic and social advancement opportunities to numerous Low-Income and socially disadvantaged people currently being functionally excluded from our Free Market System. This would allow average Americans to become "Job Creators" in their own communities. The benefits would be both immediate, and sustainable. This is a component of the Chimpzilla Project.

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