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Independent Bipartisan Commission to Investigate Russian Interference in Election

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As Alexander Hamilton warned, our Founders designed the Electoral College to be a bulwark immune from "foreign interests" having illegal influence on our elections.

That is why Electoral College members were alarmed to learn in media reports that our intelligence agencies had overwhelming evidence that Russia attempted to illegally influence our election.

While fulfilling our constitutional duty, electors are taking a stand to support a bipartisan congressional investigation of Russian interference in the election.

The evidence of a state-sponsored cyber-attack on the Democratic Party and members of Congress is chilling. We call for an independent bipartisan commission to investigate computer hacking activity that targeted the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell; the scanning of electoral systems in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida; and efforts by any foreign entity to produce, disseminate, or promote fake news involving the U.S. election.

We owe it to all Americans to defend our free and fair elections and to be sure that this does not happen again.

Regardless of whether you voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else, Russia's attacks on our election are an attempt to degrade our democracy.

Send a message to members of Congress to urge them to convene an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Russian interference with our presidential election.

Any attack on our country demands a unified response. Since the national intelligence report concluding that Russia was behind the hacking, only a few Republicans in the House and Senate have joined Democrats' calls for a complete investigation.

The integrity of our elections and the security of our nation is at stake. Republican refusal to break from Donald Trump on the issue is unacceptable and cowardly - we need to stand together as Americans.

We urge Congress to convene an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate foreign interference with our presidential election.

Thank you for making your voice heard.

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