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Impeach United States District Court Judge James Robart

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US District Court Judge James Robart has exceeded his constitutional powers in signing a temporary restraining order (TRO) against President Donald Trump, the Departments of Homeland Security and State. The executive branch was given the power by Congress to control entry into the United States.

Judge Robart completely ignored this constitutional fact and erroneously and illegally issued his TRO, and did so in efforts to exercise his conceived notion of judicial power.

This follows a long train of abuses by the judiciary branch and WE the People must stop these judicial oligarchs with the one tool found in the US Constitution: impeachment.

It may be argued that the current Senate would never convict Judge Robart, however, the purpose of impeachment is not only to ultimately remove an officer from power, but also to put him or her on trial.

Federal judges are not above the law and their jobs are not secure for their lifetimes. Article III, Section 1 of the US Constitution states judges "shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour." Judicial activism is the highest act of judicial misbehavior and must be brought to justice.

Therefore, we the undersigned, petition the United States House of Representatives to bring articles of impeachment against US District Judge James Robart and send them to the United States Senate for trial.

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