Expel Matt Gaetz from congress

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We are calling for the House of Representatives to hold a vote to expel Matt Gaetz from congress. He has been obstructing justice, often by intimidating witnesses, throughout his entire congressional career. Since Day 1, he has shown absolutely no regard, and utter disdain for civic protocol and the rule of law. He is a Trump sycophant and a spearhead of toxic stupidity within the Republican party. He leads his cohorts in a way that is comparable to a mob boss. It is by belief that, if not for the encouragement by Gaetz, zero Republicans would have illegally entered the SCIF, let alone with actively transmitting cell phones.

Gaetz's stunt on 10/23 was not the first time he's violated 18 U.S. Code § 1512. He previosly violated the code when he threatened Michael Cohen, via tweet, the night before he was to testify before congress, which promoted an ethics investigation.

During his short time in office, Gaetz has not shown any interest in his constituents, or any of the American people who don't support Donald Trump. He has done nothing but embarrass our country, obstruct justice, and put our security at risk. His profoundly egregious violation of our national security on 10/23 should be the FINAL STRAW.

At the very least, Gaetz's security clearance should be revoked, he should be censured, and he should not be allowed to sit on any committees. But I believe it would benefit both parties, and most importantly the American people, if he were promptly expelled from congress and charged with every crime he's committed. I hope you'll take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you.

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