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Help pass law that requires websites to remove self harm videos.

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My name is Kevin Schuette, Im starting this petition because on 02/08/2017 I woke up to the most horrific screaming/sound in my life. I walked downstairs to find my mother and 16 year old brother had kicked in the baracaded door to my 25 year old brothers room to find him hanging in his closet. My 16 year old brother cut him down while my mother was frantically screaming on the phone with 911. Our neighbor ( an off duty EMT) heard her screaming and came running inside the house downstairs and immediately started CPR. After a few minutes and the run to our house he had to catch his breath, and asked my 16 year old brother to continue with the CPR. When my mom realized he wasnt going to come to, she begged the EMT to stop having my baby brother do the CPR. Once everything was handled we went through the history on his phone to find out he had been searching ways to self terminate on YouTube. After doing further investigations, to my amazement law enforcement does not have the authority to have these type of videos removed from the internet. I feel there should be some type of law giving them that authority, not only so my brother, Katelyn Nicole Davis and the many other lives tthat have been lost to suicide are not gone in vein. Not to mention any other young person having these thoughts, being able to have access to ways to do it so easily.  Thank you for your time and understanding the importance of this matter.

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