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In just the state of Texas alone, there are more than 4800 children on the Sex Offender Registry.

In Florida, there are hundreds of Dead People and people who live out of the country and out of state...on their registry.

The more people on the state sex offender registry, the more money that state gets from the federal government.

Children are branded as sex offenders, child molesters for simply experimenting with sex...

Men and women who had sexual conviction 50 years ago and have served out that sentence...are now 50 years later being forced under threat of prison to register on the public sex offender registry.

In the words of Congressman Bobby Scott, Once a person is placed upon the public sex offender registry, their life is over...

Anyone who is placed upon the registry simply cannot get a job. Anyone who is placed upon the public sex offender registry cannot rent an apartment or home to live in.

Watch this video by Congressman Bobby Scott, Many of our Elected Officials KNOW full well being placed upon the public registry is life ending:

The Public Sex Offender Registry and All the laws added to anyone who is placed upon it banishes all who are on it into either joblessness, homelessness, suicide or prison.

Over 750 Thousand United States Citizens have to date been placed upon this shaming, humiliating and debilitating public registry.

Of the 750,000 United States Citizens who have had their lives train-wrecked by these laws, countless thousands have 2 or more innocent children living with them. What do these laws do to them? You can read their stories on or

The children of ex offenders have been picked on, ridiculed, outcast, excluded from participation in any social function at school.. and for what? Simply because some crooked politicians decided to implement the Adam Walsh Act Retroactively.

If the courts are going to sentence a person for a crime, how can the Federal Government come back and Invalidate that sentence decades later and re sentence that person to a lifetime of more regulations and punishments?

How can the Federal Government sanction states to create and enforce ex post facto law totally negating the Federal and State Constitutions?

How can State and Federal officials who take the oath of office thereby swearing to UPHOLD the federal and state constitutions and at the same time violate that oath of office by this overt and willful display of inhumane barrage of laws targeting the new underclass of people, those who are labeled SEX OFFENDERS?

We, the parents of children. We the wives of husbands. We the husbands of wives. We the grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends and associates wholeheartedly agree on some issues.

All people need to be protected from any form of abuse, mental, physical and sexual abuse. 

These laws are not protecting anyone and at the same time harming countless hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. Robbing them of life, liberty and the per suite of happiness.

These laws are violently UNCONSTITUTIONAL in so many ways.

The Public Shaming Sex Offender Registry needs to come down completely.

Many studies have shown the Public Registry has harmed citizens. Many studies have shown Residency Restrictions protect NO ONE and actually can cause ex offenders who would go on to live productive, crime free lives to recidivate.

Many studies have shown these laws are not protecting anyone but instead harm a great many innocent people.

Many news article where people were killed while the perpetrator was WEARING GPS MONITORING. GPS monitoring of ex offenders protect NO ONE. It only tells people where a person is or has been, not what they did or were doing. PFOOF Companies seeking financial gain have sold GPS as a protector of citizens, knowing full well that it is a total failure. YOUR tax dollars are probably subsidizing GPS monitoring of ex offenders in YOUR state. Did it help all these people who were murdered by those wearing the devices.. NO it did not. It will not protect you either.

I would urge all lawmakers, politicians and law enforcement to research the truth about sex offenders.

The truth can be found on the Citizens for Change, America website. Let him or her who has eyes seek the truth.

Take down the Public Sex Offender Registry.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
It is very profitable to believe all the lies about sex offenders.
Politicians get votes.
Politicians get elected.
Jails get filled.
Prisons get filled and expanded to hold all the convicts.
Lawyers get paid.
Psychologists and Psychiatrists get paid.
All the supporting companies, GPS monitoring, Lie Detector Staff, .. they all make money from Sex Offenders.
Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are suffering under these inhumane and unconstitutional laws.
Remember Hitler. Remember what Adolf Hitler was able to do to the Jewish People by sowing HATRED upon a group of people. That is what is going on in America.
The Politicians and Media are working up the public in to hysteria.
Research has shown many things about sex offenders are in direct opposition to what politicians, lawmakers and the media will tell you.
Our lawmakers and politicians need to actually read what is being put into law and read the research before they blindly vote in laws which harm people.
Stop the violence directed at these Citizens of the United States. Not all people who are labeled a sex offender are baby rapers.
Thousands of children are on the registry, their lives for ever ruined.
Hundreds of thousands of fathers have had their CONTRACT WITH THE STATE, a State Court Sentence revoked.. decades later.. by both the state and federal government.. effectively re sentenced to harsher punishments with no new court date.
Countless lives thrown away due to new laws.. Countless collateral child victims of these laws are having their lives thrown away.
This public sex offender registry must come down.
If courts, jails and prisons are going to release people and expect them to go on and learn from their mistakes, stare new crime free lives than the state and federal government needs to cease and desist from BANISHING THEM FROM EMPLOYMENT, HOUSING AND SOCIETY by Unconstitutional laws.
These are Human Rights Violations to the extreme.
When you look at what YOU, Lawmakers and Law Enforcement are doing to these United States Citizens, remember the outcry over what Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish People. Remember the huge injustices heaped upon the negros when America sanctioned Slavery.
Remember these things and realize the very same thing is happening today at the hands of the Media and Lawmakers carried out against anyone who can be labeled a Sex Offender.

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