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United States Government.: Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use.

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Ever Since 1961 Marijuana was made illegal by the US Government because it is a "Harmful Drug" Is marijuana a drug? Why yes marijuana is a drug. A drug is defined as substance that changes your body mentally or physically. So the Coffee that you drink in the morning is also considered a drug. Drugs can be marked as good and bad. Marijuana is not a bad drug. Marijuana is a natural plant that grows from ground with out any help of Humans. Marijuana was growing in the US before the first settlers ever came hear. How ever when the first Americans started this great country Marijuana was used for farming and even the great George Washington grew Marijuana. You may ask your self. Why is Marijuana illegal today? The answer is simple. Marijuana could not be taxed their for they made it very hard to get, then when the NDA(National Drug Administration) was formed their for allowing the Government to Outlaw it. Why outlaw it in the first place? Well it's simple. On the stem of the cannabis plant their is a fiber called hemp. Hemp can be used to make paper. A example of a paper made by hemp would be the Constitution of this great country. What does hemp have to do with the outlaw of cannabis? Everything, the owners of wood pulp companies had friends in high places. Those places would be the congress. So what does wood pulp companies have against hemp? Since hemp could be made into paper it was used a lot. Hemp was cheaper at the time and made higher quality paper. The Wood Pulp companies were afraid of going out of business so they decided to ask their congress friends to outlaw hemp as a way to stay in business and make a good prophet. Now onto some drug facts about Marijuana. Marijuana has caused zero deaths since it was started being recorded. Cigarettes kill 2,000 people a day. That is 2,000 people who left families behind and wont be able to enjoy life because they wanted to smoke something that the Government allows them to smoke at the young age of 18 in the United States. So what happens when I smoke marijuana? When a user first inhales the Cannabis smoke or vapor or even eats the cannabis, THC will be sent to the users brain through the blood stream. When the THC reaches the brain after 5-10 minutes the user will feel a lot more happy then they did before using, more relaxed, and time will seem to be slowed down. Marijuana gives many users that "Wow, it's only 4:20 it seems as if it's been over and hour". Depending on the type of Marijuana the user smokes depends on the affects. Their are two different types of Marijuana. Indica and Sativa. Indica will make the user feel happy, very relaxed, maybe even numb in some spots to ease any pain the user is feeling. The Indica strain is used for a lot of Medical Marijuana. The Sativa strain will make the user feel very happy, uplifted, maybe wanting to go and just do something, and makes the user think more about what he/she is going to do. Now you may ask your self, doesn't that stuff kill brain cells? The short answer is No. Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Marijuana does release certain chemicals in the brain that will begin to fill the gaps between brains cells making interacting between them more difficult, but will not harm them and will only happen after long term usage. But isn't Marijuana addicting? Again the short answer is, No. Marijuana is not addicting. Users can become mentally addicted, where they think they need it, but there is no withdrawal or anything of that nature. There is nothing physically addictive in Cannabis. I hope that everyone who reads this learned a little bit about Marijuana and understands that cannabis is not as harmful as people make it out to be. Thank you for reading. If you think Marijuana should be legalized for users over the age of 21+ please help out by signing this petition.

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