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Help to protect the elderly in nursing home facilities all across the country

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To enact legislation that would give nursing home residents and families the right upon request to have a video camera installed in their room and to keep it in constant operation. 

Video surveillance in nursing homes is an ideal solution to the specter of abuse occurring in nursing homes throughout the United States. This surveillance serves to give a voice to those abused – those either unwilling or unable to recall incidents of harm. The surveillance also serves as a solution to problems of enforcing the regulations that have stymied the United States since the 1930s by ensuring transparent care of the elderly within public and private nursing homes. Body Cams would be ideal, the police forces use that type of surveillance every day.

Also changes we need to see are more qualified staff, with better wages. Highly trained aides to deal with all types of dementia. Staff that can show respect and has compassion for the essential human dignity of the elderly and sick who cannot speak for themselves. Stricter laws and penalties for abusers of the elderly. 2 aides per 3 rooms, mandatory. Highly trained and qualified supervisors on the floor, overseeing at all times.

Animals in our country are cared for better than our loved ones and this has to change, please speak up. Now is the time to do this.

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