End human trafficking

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Hundreds of thousands of kids go missing a year. Where are they going? Human trafficking has and continues to be a growing issue. According to Forbes the International Labor Organization estimates 25 million victims of human trafficking world wide. It is also estimated that globally it generates 150 billion dollars a year. And I used global statistics because so much of this is all intertwined with not only America but many other countries. While our government can’t police other countries it could set a standard. It’s also known that human trafficking involves slave labor, slave sex, and organ harvesting these atrocities are happening right under our noses. Why in 2020 is this still going on when we have the technology to stop this. This issue needs to be taken more seriously and the government needs to start doing something about it in a grander scale. There needs to be serious punishments implicated on human traffickers and the abusers. Kids should be safe. Humans should be safe. This has to end now. We have to stand up and have a voice for so many that are voiceless. If we don’t demand change then nothing is ever going to be seriously done. We want our children growing up in a safe environment, and now we are demanding it.