Bring Eñe into the English Language

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The letter ñ is unique to the Spanish language. In fact, there is no equivalent letter in Latin to represent the sound of the ñ. However, the ñ is more than simply a saver of space and time- it is a culture, a history, and an evolution. It can be described as a “cultural leap” and a bridge between Latin and Spanish. This leap is a critical part of Spanish culture and history. The ñ represents a shift: from Hispania to España, from espannol to español, and eventually, with our help, from Spanish to English. It represents many years of history, culture, and transformation in the Spanish-speaking community.

As English speakers, we at EñeParaEnglish appreciate the significance of the ñ. Our mission is more than simply adapting a time-saving letter or a new sound into the English language; it is a quest to bridge the gaps between us and our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters, and to respect Spanish culture and history. 

Put simply, our goal is to bring the above concerns to the attention of the powers-that-be and thereby usher the letter Eñe into the English language, culture, and society.