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United States FDA: allow gay men to donate blood just like everyone else!

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a good friend of mine recently decided to donate blood at the local red cross blood donation center, but was sadly turned away, beacuse he was gay. i find this a horrible discrimination act that prevents many men from saving what could be many many more lives....
please sign along with me to tell the red cross they shouldn't defer and discriminate so  harshly when all blood is going to be screened before being dispersed to those in need!

discrimination of a person that could essentially save many lives with a simple donation in dire times is not only horrible, its a bad case of discrimination to people who have done nothing but made a diffrent lifestyle choice. All blood is screened for disease and contaigion, but i know they dont screen for sexual prefrences. i know if my life is on the line, im not going to stop and ask the surgeon saving my life if my blood is gay or not, if your life is on the lne, would it really bother you?

if 1 pint of blood could save 3 lives, how many are we endangering by turning away gay men who want to help?


This is an article i found on wikipedia involving this situation, read it and you will learn about why i feel this is so wrong...

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