End the Misuse and Excesses of MeToo

End the Misuse and Excesses of MeToo

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Karthikeyan Subramanyan started this petition to United States and

Petition to (i) all Cultural Organisations in India, North America and other parts of the world (ii) USCIS and U.S. and all other Embassies and Consulates. Please ignore all petitions to ban any artist based only on allegations or rumours.

We support the #MeToo movement worldwide and stand by those who have faced the trauma of abuse and harassment.

We do not support those with proven charges.

However, we believe that even the guilty must only be brought to justice through due processes.

We commend the organisations such as The Federation of Sabhas in Chennai, India and Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival in OH, USA for setting up ICCs to address such issues.


We strongly condemn the misuse of the MeToo movement in the Carnatic Music / Hindustani music Industry:
- by women who level false or frivolous allegations against leading artists to settle other scores
- by those who are furthering not the cause of justice but their own agendas to disrupt and destroy the very foundations of cultural and classical
music and arts of India.

It is an accepted fact that several anonymous charges lack credibility.


The Times of India also warns against those who level charges anonymously.

We wholeheartedly support artists and gurus who have enriched Carnatic and Hindustanimusic standards in North America and other countries over 30-60 years or more. No young talent of North America or other countries can remotely match these artists in abilities or accomplishments despite their grandiose claims. In fact, many of the North American talents owe their knowledge and careers to these great artists. Most importantly, there has not been a single incident of misconduct by most of them over decades. To the contrary, thousands of families that have come in contact with them as disciples or hosts have only had memorable and cherishable experiences. We strongly condemn that despite overwhelming positive evidence to the contrary, several great artists are being projected as serial predators or rapists out of malice or ignorance.

We believe in justice, not witch hunt.
• Media or Social Media judgements based on one-sided versions are not justice.
• Clubbing every type of allegation into the same basket is not justice.
• The clamour that anyone is ‘guilty until proved innocent’ is not justice.
• Knee jerk reactions from organizations like the Music Academy is neither exemplary nor justice.
•  Attempting to exert pressure on North American or Organisations or on Embassies to disinvite some artists with intent to affect their livelihood is not justice.
• Mass signature campaigns (especially by people who have done little for women’s safety) against artists based on gossip and rumours is not justice.
• Bullying supporters of artists on Social Media and calling them as ‘enablers’ or ‘apologists’ is not justice.
• Targeting 7 artists and misusing the Music Academy’s example is not justice.
In summary, no witch hunt should be allowed to masquerade as justice. We appeal to all fair-minded individuals to sign this petition against witch-hunt and share this with everyone as recent developments are not only against the spirit of MeToo but also against the very spirit of culture and civilization.

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