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End online ticket scalping for a profit.

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In December 2016, Congress passed a ban on online scalping bots to help give concert goers, etc. a fairer chance at getting tickets to events. Though a step in the right direction, this has done little to nothing to end the actual problem. Concert goers are still being cheated out of hundreds of dollars on ticket resale sites such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, and other similar websites. Not to mention the fact that I've seen little effect on the ban on the bots. For popular events, even when on the website the moment they go on sale, its sheer luck if you get your hands on tickets. It's illegal to stand outside a venue and scalp tickets, yet it's a free for all online. This money doesn't go to the artist. Instead, a small perecentage goes to the resale site, and the rest goes to some random person at home on their computer, who gets hundreds of concert goers hard earned money. The websites that perpetuate these sales benefit the more tickets costs. These websites have become legitimized because they have event goers in a chokehold. Either miss your favorite artist or pay up. This has become so rampant that the norm is to buy from third party websites because of the frustration that goes into attempting to buy from Ticketmaster. Now that Tickermaster has gone into the resale business, they are also benefiting from the original sales and the resale market. 

Event goers are fed up of being ripped off and the artists not getting the money. Since this is an online issue, it can't be handled at the state level, it simply isn't effective since anyone can go to an event in any state and any scalper can do the same with purchasing tickets in a different state. 

My solution is to put a 10-20% cap on the amount of money you can resale a ticket above face value for. It would eliminate the online scalping market dead in its tracks, while at the same time allowing the reselling websites to stay in business and let event goers easily let go of their tickets should they not be able to attend an event. If big companies like StubHub lose capital over this, then so be it. They created this problem and benefit from it, it's time for them to pay event goers back.

Concerts are beautiful and wonderful experiences. Sometimes they're even life changing. When life has me down, a concert can pick me right up. Unfortunately concerts and other similar events are becoming inaccessible to a lot of fans and becoming entertainment for the elite that have the money to go. 

Please sign and let's make change! Make concerts for everyone again! 

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