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Stop the Torture of African Refugees in the Sinai Desert

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Every month, approximately 2,000 African refugees cross the border into Israel, fleeing persecution in their home countries. To date, 50,000 Africa refugees reside in Israel seeking asylum. En route, these refugees are subjugated to extreme torture and abuse by Bedouin smugglers, their “guides” across the Sinai Desert and over the Israeli-Egyptian border. Everyday Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in the Sinai are electrocuted, branded with hot irons, chained together, starved, and women endure systematic and brutal rape. Recently, human rights NGOs have documented disturbing new developments: the organ theft of those who cannot afford to pay their way out of the camps and the kidnapping of refugees from their homes by Bedouins in Eritrea and Sudan.

This petition calls for the United States government to put pressure on the Egyptian government to stop the trafficking of refugees at the Suez Canal before they turn into torture victims. The Egyptian government must confront the corruption within its army that enables the Bedouin to smuggle the refugees through seven military checkpoints. As citizens of the world, we advocate on behalf of these African refugees and ask that the United States government use its influence to stop extortion, trafficking, and torture in the Sinai.

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