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Do Not Ban Pit-Bulls!

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I have recently seen that on this website, someone is trying to ban pitbulls, as a breed, from Florida. They believe the breed itself is bad and that they should all be euthanized to create a safer community. 

Pitbulls are not bad as a breed. It is the owners who cause them to act the way they do. I am seeing very biased information. 

Breed specific legislation is basically like telling a specific racial community they are not allowed here, and everyone that is currently residing here should be killed. What would happen if we told everyone in Florida, "We have a new law. White people are banned because they are too sassy. So if you'e white and live within the boundaries you shall be euthanized." NO-ONE WOULD EVER DO THAT BECAUSE IT IS INHUMANE.

I had a pitbull once named Rousey. She was the sweetest dog I ever knew. I loved to cuddle with her and she loved playing fetch outside. When I moved away I felt like I lost her, and we ended up giving her to a great family that we knew. She is an angel. I also walk pitbulls often, as a dog walker, and I have never had a problem with agression. They only become aggessive when the owner comes around and makes the dog display agression. Agressiveness is not in the breed. It is transered from the owner.

This was a huge topic last year, and many people took to Facebook and Twitter to retweet and comment on the videos about this issue. But Twitter and Facebook do not stand out to the government. Put your words into action and actually do something about this issue!

Please stand with me and sign this petition. I hope that within a year, Breed Specific Legislation will be no longer a problem, and people that wanted this BSL will realize that the dogs are not the problem, it's the owners.

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