Stop Light for Brian @ Irish Potato Rd. & Old Concord-Salisbury Rd.

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Kirsten Manring
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My Brother Brian Frederick Manring, 18, recently died on July 16th, 2018. He was killed in a accident on this road early in the morning. There has been numerous accidents in the past couple of years. The last traffic study that lasted February 1st 2012 through February 27th 2017 showed there was 4 accidents at that intersection. Brian’s fatal accident was added to the list this past month. Numerous witnesses and people that are aware of the area and knows of this intersection knows how dangerous and unsafe it is. You have to look at least back and forth four times before you can take off to make sure you’re not pulling in the path of another vehicle. The grass always gets overgrown so you can’t see anyone coming from the left side when you’re on Irish Potato Rd. And on the right the hill is so high you can’t see what’s coming over it until last minute. Something has to be done. Whether it’s a stop light or a three way stop. Too much has happened here for there to not have something done. Please help save another innocent life.