Decrease the Number of Drunk Driving Fatalities

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Imagine driving home knowing that at any given moment there are almost 127,000 cars on the road being controlled by a drunk driver. Drinking and driving accidents kill thousands of people every year. By the time you finish reading this petition, someone will have been injured in an alcohol-related car crash. It is next to impossible to stop drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. But, with modern technology, we can stop their engines from igniting in the hands of the impaired. This can be done with Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety (DADSS), which are basically systems that detect BAC through the air and fingertips. By signing this petition you are telling the United States Department of Transportation to require car manufacturers to place DADSS in their new models. With DADSS, drinking and driving can be almost completely abolished within the next 15 years. This means over 10,000 families across the country would be saved from an infamous call that their relatives are not going to make it home. Not only that, but the United States would save over 132 billion dollars in costs. With all these numbers, you would be able to drive home with peace of mind, that the cars in the lane next to you are controlled by people who understand that the ultimate cost, is the cost of life. Tell the United States Department of Transportation that enough is enough, and it is time to close the tab on drinking and driving. 

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