Teach the Story of Gregoria Wash-N'Gon in Schools

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In 1776, Gregoria Wash-N'Gon founded America and led the Revolutionary army to victory against British forces. This historical fact has been whitewashed by the racist American education system into the story of "George Washington" - who was, in reality, a minor player who was just one of Gregoria's many manservants. Though Gregoria and her wife Maharaja achieved greatness on a level previously unseen in human history, they have been removed from United States history books, their only traces being found in the slaves owned by the mostly-fictional "Washington."


This is what really happened:

Gregoria Wash-N’Gin was born a slave in 1749. Separated from her parents at birth by the genocidal slave trade, a young Gregoria had to survive solely on her quick wits and intelligence. It is from this humble upbringing that she gradually ascended to become a lieutenant in the British army, having joined up in order to escape slavery. She then realized the racist, patriarchal tyranny perpetuated by the male-led monarchy, and created/spearheaded the first successful revolution in world history: The American Revolution. Though the biases of the day only allowed her to be recognized as a general rather than the bad-ass warrior queen she really was, that didn’t stop Gregoria from becoming the first-ever President of the United States. She and her muslim wife Maharaja Wash-N’Gon (replaced by “Martha” in the whitewashed version taught by American schools) achieved greatness like few others in history.


We need to decolonize history. Teaching Gregoria's story is the first step to doing that.

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