Rename "Half Dome" to Domey McDomeface

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The American people have been lied to for too long. We drag ourselves through Yosemite Valley traffic time and time again to look at some big rock that is apparently half a dome.

However, I have recently been informed (By a park information sign no less!) that Half Dome is in fact 3/4ths of a dome and the "Half Dome" name is a blatant attempt at misrepresentation. I also looked at the rock myself and it does look much more like 3/4ths of a dome.

Because of this I'm proposing the name be changed to the more accurate, and more succinct, Domey McDomeface. This name clearly explains the rock formation (It's a dome, and it has a face) while also making no attempt to hoodwink the American public. Half Dome doesn't even specify which half of the dome is missing. What if it's the top half? What loser would drive to see some flat piece of land? Boom, loss in park revenue. 

But America is a democracy and decisions need to be made as a group. So please look at the benefits and negatives outlined in this petition, realize I am correct, and the sign the petition. 

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