K-9 Holly's Hero

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 It should be noted:
Officer Steele has nothing to do with the set up and running of Holly’s Hero.  Officer Steele has no control over the content that is presented here and we are hoping that there will be no retaliation to Officer Steele or K-9 Holly for any reason, based on a concerned third party’s interest.

K-9 Holly and her partner, Officer Laura Steele, have been together for almost 2 years.  Right now K-9 Holly is currently sitting in a 2x4 kennel, only being let out for bathroom breaks.  She is currently receiving no training or much needed companionship.  K-9 Holly has been in the kennel for the past 3 going on 4 months and since going into the kennel she has been placed on anxiety medication.  During K-9 Holly's service she did lose an eye due to an infected scratch, so she is highly dependent on Officer Steele.  We, at Holly’s Hero, believe that K-9 Holly has been taken from Officer Steele as retaliation for a pending EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) case.  Our Mission is to help K-9 Holly be reunited with her partner, so that she will get the training and attention that she needs.