Remove immunity from Erdogan's security who attacked protestors in Washington.

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As Turkish Americans, we are horrifed by the events that occured outside of Turkish Embassy in Washington during President Erdogan's visit to United States.  Turkish Embassy claims that the protestors were supporters of PKK, a terrorist organization, and that the United States did not take appropriate precautions to prevent them from getting close to the Turkish president and that's why the security personal felt the need to intervene.  This is no excuse!!  The security personal are protected with immunity so that they can better serve for justice and peace, not so that they attack and hit people, even people who are lying on the street in pain.  We have seen horrible images of Erdogan's security kicking and hitting all they might and charging towards women and men proving their boxing skills on young women and elderly men.  Most of them have their IDs and guns. These people are expected to act with dignity and respect, and they need to be helping the security officials at the scene to prevent calamities.  But instead, they charge against people and hit them and hurt them. 9 were hospitalized and many were injured. This is unacceptable!! It would still be unacceptable if the protestors were indeed supporters of an ideology we do not agree upon. As long as the protestors are not hitting or hurting anyone, they have the right to protest.   Every human being has the right to protest and to voice their opinion.  This does not make them a "terrorist".  People who were protesting did not have guns, and there is no direct evidence that they were "terrorists".  Just because Erdogan calls them a "terrorist" does not make them a terrorist.  Erdogan calls everyone who does not support him a terrorist anyway.  Even people who voted "NO" in Turkish referandum were a "terrorist" according to him.  Hitting and kicking people on the strees of Turkey has become such a common scene that it seems Erdogan thinks it is also OK to hit and kick American people on American soil as well.   As Turkish Americans, we do not approve the behavior of Erdogan and his security officials. They obviously misused their power, and breached their immunity requirement.  We ask their immunity to be revoked and an investigation to be initiated.