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Please Grant Political Asylum to Mr. Andres F. Arias and leaders of Colombian Opposition.

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The Colombian Government is relentlessly persecuting its critics and opponents. It has also manufactured, against the Colombian people’s will, a total amnesty agreement with narco-terrorist group FARC. In addition to being the largest cocaine cartel in the world, FARC is responsible for thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity. And yet they will not be punished at all in virtue of the so-called peace deal.

Because of their view and political stance against such an impunity deal, many of the most prominent leaders of the opposition party in Colombia have been unjustly prosecuted, preventively imprisoned without conviction, or convicted without a fair trial. This systematic political persecution through the judiciary has been instigated by the Santos Administration in order to decimate the opposition party led by former president Álvaro Uribe.

Indeed, some opposition leaders have been forced into exiled and have sought asylum in the US. President Santos of Colombia has repeatedly exerted diplomatic pressure to get the US to extradite his critics back to Colombia. At the same time, he has promised FARC kingpins never to extradite them to the US, regardless of the numerous standing requests by Federal Courts all over the country. The United States cannot tolerate impunity for narco-terrorists while enabling the systematic persecution of democratic activists in Colombia.

We kindly ask for your help so that the Department of Homeland Security grants political asylum to Mr. Andrés Felipe Arias and other prominent leaders of the Colombian opposition currently in US soil. Mr. Arias served his country honorably, has been a good friend of the U.S., and is now seeking the protection for his family. We will not rest until the U.S. Government acts in accordance with the values we stand for as a Nation—democracy, the rule of law, and justice.

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