Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter/Spectrum, refuses to give employees ability to work from home

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Dear Friends, I am writing this mail under utter displeasure in the way Charter is treating its employees. As you are aware of the spread of Corona-virus outbreak here in the United States, Charter is putting us the employees under harm and risk.

There are 144 confirmed cases here in L.A. County alone and this morning we were told by our leadership in Network Operations that there is no work from home policy and anyone who takes sick leave must produce a doctor’s note or else be fired. We are being forced to work under poor-hygiene circumstances, there by exposing us to the risk. There are lot of us who are in the high risk group due to old age and you are putting us and our families at risk of getting exposed to this virus. If any of us gets exposed to this at work we will hold you personally accountable. Our families at home are under mental agony, thinking of us getting exposed to virus at work. A little flexibility working during this time really helps all. The work we do can be done remotely without any obstacles. We do on-call and work through the nights from home all the time. I do not see a reason why we cannot work remotely during these difficult times. Hope you understand! As many companies are taking care of their employees, we condemn the autocratic attitude of the leadership with the Technical Operations team. This kind of toxic work culture and treating employees unfairly will not help in the prosperity of the organization in long run. By this morning behavior of the leadership and HR here at Granite Place building many of us are hurt and disappointed. Hope you would take necessary actions for the well being of the employees and our Charter family.