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According to The Office Of The Federal Register, The Department of Labor is suggesting that tips could be "utilized in part (or in full) by the employer". 

This pending rule listed as Tips Regulations Under The Fair Labor Standards Act, has left our society in a state of shock, one that would prevent servers, from earning their own tips, for their own service.

Restaurant servers represent the face of the establishment, for all customers who enter to dine. Without their quality of service, the restaurant lives and dies on the care of the guests' experience.

Imagine what it would be like, if servers lost their rights, for the tips, that they earned. This would be a tragedy on many fronts.

Servers make their overall living based on tips, NOT on the hourly wage. 

Those who work in this field are in need of the money provided to them, whether part-time or full-time for reasons such as:

  • Paying off debt
  • Paying for college
  • Supporting their family 
  • Attaining flexibility they wouldn't find otherwise

Many are not content working serving jobs. They put a smile on for their customers, day in and day out, because that is their job, and they know it will provide a reliable living.

They deal with unhappy customers, complaints, needy guests, and all the issues that arise, because it is their job to please, and to always operate, as a golden rule, by putting themselves second, and their customers first

If this law is passed, it means:

  • Any server who makes the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 could have their tips stripped entirely away from them.
  • Restaurant owners could suddenly raise the minimum wage for those servers who make the lower minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, just so they could take their tips away and pocket it for themselves even though they did nothing to earn them. 
  • It would ruin not only the lives of servers, but the life of the restaurant world altogether.
  • Quality service as a whole would no longer be as present.
  • Customers would resent paying tips to employers for the care their employees (the servers) would be providing - because that care would have been stripped away from those servers.
  • Servers' incentives would drop entirely in providing that optimal service.
  • Many restaurants would go out of business.

People go to restaurants for not only the food, not only the drinks, but for the experience. It is their opportunity to step away from the stresses of their daily lives, to indulge, and enjoy.

Customers want to tip their servers for their service. It is standard for a tip out percentage to occur in the restaurant industry as a whole. That is left between the restaurant owner and their staff. 

Please remember, to give is to take, and to take is to give.

Please do not take away from the efforts of hard working servers, the face of the establishment, and expect that they will give. 

Whether you've been a server, know a server, or simply stand for what is right, let us all band together, to stop this from happening. 

Please sign this petition, and share it with everyone you know to do the same.

You can additionally text TIP to 225568 and you will be able to submit a PUBLIC COMMENT to The Department of Labor telling them you do not support this rule change.

The more comments that are seen, the better the chances are to protect the rights of these servers. 

We have until February 5th, 2018 to submit this petition, to The Department of Labor, The U.S. House of Representatives, The Supreme Court and The President. 

Here is to serving servers, who serve us. 


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